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Guide to Google Display Ads

Audience profiling

Ad spend on display can easily run away from even the best Adwords managers if your targeting isn’t kept under control. Our Display management always starts with carefully selected and controlled audience targeting. We will:

tick Research your customer behaviour 
tick Find out your customer interests 
tick Find sites they like to read 
tick Understrand the messaging they engage with 
tick Produce a funnel strategy 
tick See where your competitors are advertising 
tick Build hyper tuned audience segments 
tick Look at past customer profile data 
tick Understand buying cycles 


Hyper Targeting

To get the most from Display management we will build and roll out hyper targeted display campaigns. These are designed to start small and hyper targeted to customers who are likely to be interested in your product or service. These campaigns will include:

tick People who are in-market for your product or service 
tick People who have an affinity to your brand 
tick People who have an affinity to interest related to your product or service 
tick Custom targeting for people interested in your competitors 
tick The correct bid strategy to exclude poor placements 
tick Comprehensive list of negative keywords / placements to exclude irrelevant traffic 
tick Specific content targeting and exclusions to minimise wasted spend 
tick Engaging and customised ad copy