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Boilers, Aircon & PV Solar – B2C Lead-Gen


Driving Leads while Cutting Costs: A 519% Surge in 3 Years

Key Challenge

We embarked on a journey to increase leads for replacement boilers across the UK while simultaneously slashing Cost Per Lead (CPL). This required a strategic approach tailored to maximise engagement and minimise expenses.



16k – 102k


£48 – £12




To achieve this remarkable growth, we employed a multifaceted strategy

  • Understanding Target Customers: Deep understanding of the client’s target audience facilitated pinpointing the most engaging keywords.
  • Refined Ad Messaging: Constant refinement of ad messaging distinguished the client from competitors.
  • Landing Page Iterations: Tested multiple landing page iterations to optimise conversion rates.
  • Collaboration with Sales Team: Close collaboration with the sales team accelerated time to first contact and distinguished between good and bad leads.
  • CRM Integration: Integration with the client’s CRM provided insights into revenue data from confirmed sales.
  • Data-Driven Decisions: Leveraging sales and revenue data, strategic decisions were made to optimize lead generation hours, particularly during colder months.
  • New Sub Brands: Launching new sub-brands contributed to additional growth.
  • Microsoft Ads Integration: Incremental leads were generated through Microsoft Ads.
  • In addition to boosting boiler replacements, we assisted the client in launching air conditioning and PV solar installation businesses.


In 2018, the CPL stood at £48.


  • CPL reduced to £22
  • 54% drop in CPL Year Over Year (YOY)
  • Lead volume surged by 184% YOY

  • CPL further plummeted to £13
  • Additional 40% CPL reduction YOY
  • Lead volume soared by 90% YOY

  • CPL hit £12.23
  • Another 5% CPL reduction YOY
  • Lead volume saw a 14.6% increase YOY


We prioritise comprehensive understanding of our clients’ products, services, and sales operations. By delving into details such as lead response time and conversion rates, we maximise marketing budgets for optimal results. Our success lies not only in generating leads but also in ensuring their quality, which reflects in our meticulous approach to keyword profiles, ad performance, landing page optimisation, and lead capture timing.

― Testimonial

A few Words From EU Automation

Ben & Josh allowed us to really scale our business efficiently and organically. We didn’t just turn the tap on overnight, we 5X’d leads over 3 years. Ben & Josh have helped us launch new products in new markets and continue to drive growth today.

Lloyd Greenfield

Founder of Glow Green