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Olivia’s Case Study – Luxury Furniture


How We Doubled ROI For Olivia’s

Key Challenge

We implemented our tiered approach to PMAX campaigns, utilizing custom labels in the feed to split products out by margin and price groups. This enabled us to maximize exposure on groups of products with a higher price point and bigger margins. 

We initially scaled back spend to reduce waste, slowly opened budgets as ROAS improved and then began scaling significantly 



2.7x to 5.5x


190K to 700K pcm



Being Selective:

To achieve this remarkable growth, we employed a multifaceted strategy

  • We edited the product feed using custom labels to tag products with their margin and ROAS target
  • We split products into margin group related campaigns
  • Applied the correct data signals
  • Optimised Product titles


  • Big increase in sales for higher value products
  • Doubled ROI
  • Increase in Gross Margin across the board
  • AOV Significantly increased


Our unique approach to data feed optimisation, product level performance and calculating break even ROAS targets gave us levers to pull when scaling and also when trying to improve ROI. Taking a more granular approach meant that Olivia’s overall margin improved as well as their ROI.

― Testimonial

A few Words From EU Automation

Josh & Ben helped us to double our ROI back in 2022 and have since helped us significantly increase our average order values. We now sell more expensive products and get a greater return from our ads.

Nick Moutter

Founder, Olivias & The MOOT Group