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Case Study

Selling more with Google Shopping

Google Shopping Case Study:

Increase traffic and sales from Google Shopping, whilst maintaining positive ROI.


Winnipeg Outfitters are a small catalogue retailler based in Winnipeg Canada. Our Goal was to optimize current Google Shopping activity, grow traffic and increase sales in Canada, whilst maintaining 300% ROI.

Key Stats

increase in clicks
Reduction in CPC

Our first step, was to run a product performance report. This allowed us to target products that have performed well (in terms of sales and ROI), whilst having a low impression share.
Our next step was Product title optimisation (Product SEO). We achieve this by editing the Google Shopping Feed (within the merchant centre). We add unique content to include keyword variations and unique product identifiers - to increase relevant impressions and clicks.

We turned this: Bushnell 2x24mm Night Watch

Into this: Bushnell 2x24mm Night Watch Monocular with Infrared Illuminator and Rubber Armoured Grip

We worked on outfitters top 250 products. We optimised product titles and descriptions, by hand. To include more keyword variations, product identifiers and features. Results are shown in the key stats above.

Google Shopping Case Study:

Setup Google Shopping for a furniture dropship startup. Work towards positive ROI.

Goal is a furniture dropship startup based in the UK. They work with premium furniture brands, wholesalers and manufacturers across the UK. Our main objective was to setup a Google Adwords account and grow sales.

Key Stats

Reduction in CPC
How we achieved this

Our methodology is very simple, but effective. We structure our Google Shopping campaigns into single product Adgroups (SPAGS). When you break out one product per ad group you can access all the same information you would normally be able to see for multiple SKUs in a single ad group. The biggest difference is that you can identify a specific search term as it relates to a single SKU.

One of the valuable metrics you can access through a single product per ad group structure is the product level impression share. Impression share is the number of impressions received divided by the estimated number of impressions you were eligible to receive. Eligibility is based on an ad’s targeting settings, approval status, bids, and Quality Scores. When you have multiple SKUs assigned to an ad group, the only way you can find the product level impression share information is if you are using custom labels.

We then optimise Google Shopping feeds, by hand. We turn this:

Copper Web Set Of 2 Nest Tables

Copper Web Set Of 2 Nest Tables From Homelia. Metal Copper Web Set Of 2 Nest Tables £189 GBP in stock and available to order today. All product dimensions and sizes available on site. Height 385, Width 600, Depth600mm.

Into this:

Copper Coffee Tables. Set Of 2 Glass Topped Nest Tables

Copper framed nest of two coffee tables from Homelia. Stunning copper webbing design, with a clear glass top. Sharp edges, with a thick copper coloured frame. One larger table and a smaller table that nests nicely underneath the larger copper table. Exact sizes in mm: Height 385mm, Width 600mm, Depth 600mm. Exact sizes in inches: Height 15 inches, Width 23 inches, Depth 23 inches Perfect as a side table or smaller coffee tables in a living room, sitting room, conservatory, summer house or kitchen. Beautifully created piece by Libra and brought to you by Homelia.

Our methodology. We add the following:

  • Primary keyword - Prioritised for better CTR
  • Secondary keywords - To increase impressions on similar terms
  • Keyword variations - To trigger more relevant search terms
  • Product specifics - Unique features to improve relevancy
  • Product uses - Match your products to users search terms

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    Our History

    Co-Founders Josh & Ben starting using AdWords in 2004, specialising in large scale PPC

    Josh specialises in large scale Google Shopping campaigns. Feed generation, optimisation, Adwords structuring and management. PPC and account management has been Josh’s speciality for the last 10 years. He generated 500k retail clicks on Black Friday 2016 and generated $300k in revenue from a highly refined Google Shopping setup. Josh’s background is in retail, travel, finance, pharmaceutical and other tough sectors have allowed him to adapt his methods to generate positive ROI across several niches.

    Co-Founder, LinkedIn

    Ben specialises in building out highly relevant, highly targeted paid search campaigns at serious scale. PPC and data analysis has been Ben's speciality for the past 12+ years. His coding background allows him to build the tools to implement and scale adwords account quicker whilst following tried and tested methodologies. Co-Founder of a Price Comparison company that has driven over $1 billion in retail sales, he understands the importance of ad content, relevancy, ROI and large scale growth.

    Co-Founder, LinkedIn


    Some kind words from our awesome clients

    When our initial user acquisition strategy didn’t pan out the way we’d planned, we turned to Josh & Ben at to assist in getting us out of the hole we were in. Before long we were back on track & exceeding numbers our little startup had only dreamed of - within a few months, we had an optimized PPC program with millions of targeted, product-centric keywords, a CTR & CR that was getting better weekly, a PLA program that was generating roughly 8 million in sales per month and a very happy investor. As I was coming from the affiliate / e-commerce deal industry with very little to no knowledge of PPC, Josh & Ben came in and got us to where we needed to be. Their experience in the industry proved to be the missing piece. The best part, while we were prepared to do so, we didn’t have to fully exhaust our marketing budget to get there. I’d highly recommend With their experience, they make a great addition to any marketing team. Whether you’re looking for additional traffic, sales or you just need some minor tweaking of your program, Josh & Ben have shown that they are the right guys for the job. *

    Mendy Perlman
    Co-Founder and COO of DealTrend LLC

    "As a tech-savvy business owner I didn't want to commit to long term contracts or give up complete control of our advertising accounts. We're quite hands on with the advertising in-house. I just wanted someone to come in, fix the leaks, and leave us to it! Grow 'Optimisation' did just that for us and within one month dropped our Cost Per Conversion from £400 to just over £100. As well as cutting costs Josh & Ben left us with golden nuggets of best practices within Adwords that will serve us for the lifetime of campaigns. We have since used them again for another campaign. The high value, low commitment offering here is what we really love - kudos for Josh & Ben for creating such a service." *

    Joe Davies
    Co-Founder at FatJoe

    * Disclaimer: All results and improvements are specific to each client testimonial. Results vary from client to client and there are no guarantees every client will see the same results.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Contact us if you have a question that isn't covered here

    What makes you different from other agencies?

    We don’t want to be a typical digital marketing agency. We are growth experts. Our background is in running, optimising and managing our own advertising accounts and web sites. We know what it takes to turn a profit on every advertising penny spent. We have a distinguished background in running very large scale PPC accounts and optimising funnels to generate the maximum amount of profit.

    What do you do differently from other agencies?

    We are not just PPC specialists, we are data, CRO and strategic specialists too. Our goal is to think outside the box, to spot opportunities and take them as fast as possible. We are so confident in our ability to deliver we offer performance based consulting fees for adwords management.

    How do you make display work?

    Display is our hidden gem, it is notoriously difficult to crack. There are millions of sites out there that can display your banners and it is our job to find them. We produce a profile, a set of hyper targeted campaigns and a strategy that cuts through all the waste and gets you results. We are proud of our display methodologies, which we have refined and tuned to give us an advantage over other agencies. Our goals are to still drive results for you and display is our hidden opportunity.

    How long have you been doing Adwords?

    Since 2004. We have worked in virtually markets and sectors available and we have a very developed understanding of the strategies required for each sector.

    Are you hands on?

    Of course, with our management programs we handle everything, optimisations, refinement and reporting.

    What countries do you operate in?

    We operate in over 6 countries worldwide now.

    How can I get a price for the work I need?

    Get in touch to discuss your requirements and we can send out a free performance review and growth proposal.

    Are there any setup fees?

    In some cases we do charge a setup fee. This is to cover the work of optimising a new account. We will include and itemise exactly what is carried out and the cost for this in any proposal we send to you.

    What are the contract terms?

    We offer flexible contracts to all our customers. Typically, we offer a 30 day rolling contract, however, we do recommend a commitment of 3 months minimum. This allows us to fully implement and refine the results.

    What is your pricing?

    Our focus is growth, so we do offer performance based pricing; our fees are dependant on growth. We grow with you and we are incentivised to grow your account too. We do have baseline management prices. Please get in touch to discuss pricing. *** Min pricing is based on the number of campaigns and products / services you want us to manage. ***

    Do you offer services to agencies?

    Yes, we are working with agencies in 6 countries already. We are setup to compliment your workflow, bid management software and methodologies. We write premium ad content for your client accounts working directly with the agency to accomplish this. Our account setup service is managed from within your MCC so it is all under your brand.

    What if I need help with a service that isn’t listed?

    Get in touch and we can see how we can help.

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